The Northeast Texas Counseling Association is a chapter of the Texas Counseling Association. We serve an array of mental health professionals throughout Northeast Texas. NETCA offers high quality and affordable continuing education to all members. NETCA helps mental health professionals stay abreast of local, state and national issues. Members have an opportunity to network, gain leadership experience and an opportunity to form lifelong friendships. Members may also benefit from a professional development grant as well as a dependent scholarship. Due to COVID-19, we would like to offer new membership rates. We would love for you to join us today. We offer four types of membership. Which one is right for you?
Regular Membership - $30
Open to any person who is engaged in or interested in the area of mental health---and everyone not eligible for student membership, affiliate membership or designated as an emeritus member. Those with regular membership status will be allowed to vote, serve on committees, and hold office. Annual dues for regular membership are $30.00 and includes the fall CEU opportunity.
Student Membership - $15
Open to students who are enrolled in a planned program in the area of mental health who are not employed more than half-time as a professional counselor. Student members may serve on committees and vote, but may not hold office. Annual dues for student membership are $15.00 and includes the fall CEU opportunity.
Affiliate Membership - $10
Open to all who are supportive of the mission statement, values and goals of the Association, but do not qualify for any other membership class. Affiliate members may serve on committees, but may not vote or hold office. Annual membership is $10.00 and includes the fall CEU opportunity.
Emeritus Membership
Granted by the Board of Directors to honor retired members with at least ten years of membership in the Association, five of which must be continuous immediately prior to nomination for Emeritus Membership. Any person granted Emeritus Membership shall be exempt from payment of dues to the Association and shall retain all rights and privileges of dues-paying members as determined by these Bylaws. Those with Emeritus membership status will allowed to vote, serve on committees, and hold office. This membership also includes the fall CEU opportunity.

Although members are not required to join TCA, NETCA encourages all members to join our state association. TCA advocates long and hard on our behalf. For more information, visit their website at